3 thoughts on “Quality Time 2012

  1. AlisaG says:

    are they face timing each other? a friend of mine told me once via facebook that his 10 year old just texted him from her bedroom telling him what a bad dad he was. it made me laugh…it’s a brave new world.

    • I believe Dad is watching NFL and MCP is watching Shrek…again. She is a tech baby though, calling and FaceTiming at will, when my 9 tear old is at her Dad’s house ‘little sister’ demands “I takka Cate”. She is also famous for “a iPod go?” When she can’t locate my iPod and she “wandance”. Thanks for the comments, please check out my older posts too, they are much funnier, IMO, as my writing always is when I’m mired in self-loathing wish I was drunk funk;)

      • AlisaG says:

        yes the dark challenging moments in life always make for better writing don’t they? the writing part of the brain just doesn’t fire up the same when it’s all prancing unicorns and rainbows.

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