Living the Dream…

While watching a movie with my bbf, I heard one character tell another…

“I was just thinking… your life is ass”.

This is a statement of such utterly cryptic beauty.
It resonated with me in such an exquisite agony of clarity that
I had to swallow my tears. Then my two year old climbed into my lap, put her sweet chubby little hands on either side of my face, smiled lovingly into my eyes, and released tiny bubbly fartlets all over my leg.


My life is ass. Literally.

3 thoughts on “Living the Dream…

  1. Sounds like your ass life is blessed. Love those chubby lil fingers and bubbly fartlets 🙂 You made me smile, thank you!

  2. AlisaG says:

    chalk up another smile here. the light will get closer, I promise. holler if you want to vent all over an empathetic blogosphere stranger.

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