Reasons to reach out and enjoy blogs daily …

I randomly came across this post while perusing some fantastic blogs in my bathtub this morning. I’ve not had the urge to ‘reblog’ often but this is magnificent. What else can I say but what I’ve said to the author of this gem?
“Stunning. Absolutely stunning. This is a timeless piece that immortalizes not only your loss and your beloved friend’s life, but grief and uncertainty as it exists for us all. Thank you for sharing this.”

The aimless wanderings of my mind...

“We say that the hour of death cannot be forecast. But when we say this, we imagine that the hour is placed in an obscure and distant future. It never occurs to us that it has any connection with the day already begun, or that death could arrive this same afternoon – this afternoon which is so certain, and which has every hour filled in advance.” – Final Destination

We all need reminders that life is precious…

Let’s flashback to my very first day of Second Grade.

I entered the classroom nervously. It also happened to be my first day at the new school. I clutched my sister’s hand tightly and eyed my would-be classmates disdainfully.

The teacher was beckoning to me to take a seat. I remember shaking my little head vigorously from side to side, swallowing the massive lump in my throat and blinking away a pool of tears.  The…

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