Champagne Thought Bubbles…

My therapist says …

“You can’t change what you’ve done but you can change who you are.”

God*, I hope so.


*I say this, always, as an expression; Never as an incantation, nor a prayer, not to blaspheme, not an insult, not in any seriousness, nor to any particular ‘God’ especially yours. So if you have issue with it… pray on it, meditate on it, whatever it is you do to be an exemplary “insert your religious/spiritual identity of choice here” and please, with all due respect, keep your yap shut about it to me because to me it is simply and unequivocally an expression, harmless in intent and only imbued with what power we assign it through our connotation. In addition to which, if you are so offended by someone of differing belief’s use of a term that means something different to them than it does to you, then IMO you have bigger issues to deal with than me and my little blog and ought to put your passionate efforts to use in more productive ways.

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