For CFrantastic

My lovely and sensitive 9 year old is experiencing some “girl bullying” at school. She is confused and sad and I am disheartened and angry for my beautiful, kind, sometimes awkward girl.
Tonight she is at her Dad’s and we are texting about her feelings and I feel impotent and broken.
I wrote this to cheer her so don’t judge it on literary merit or as poetry of any sort as I certainly am no poet.
And, YES, I am that parent who doesn’t shield their child from foul language as I have always had a spectacular and wondrous case of trucker-mouth.
I also have a 9 year old who never swears, never has, and if she chooses to at some point in her life, well, I can think of things I would be much more disappointed in.
I decided to share it simply with the hope that it could touch even one other person out there suffering, child or no.
Maybe this will cheer the darling being bullied in your life – I assure you, there is one.
On a day like any other day
You think things just might go your way
Finally today will go your way
Today will finally be the day
You’ll finally get invited to play
Today they’ll see you and they’ll say
Hey! Come on! Please come to play!

You stand, hands clasped, so patient now
Just sure they’ll notice you somehow
Smiling shyly, peeking round
Scuffing the toe of your shoe on the ground
Minutes tick by and you start to worry
If its going to happen they really must hurry
The bell will soon ring, the teachers will call
Some will start running, others will stall
Hurried or reluctant, it really won’t matter
For once the bell sounds, all hope will just shatter
So, eyeing the others all laughing at play
You think, no! Today, today is the day!
An idea begins to form in your head
Slowly it tickles like bugs in your bed
You turn the notion around and around
Inspecting and wondering, can it be sound?
Suddenly time is up and you hear
The ringing of bells so sharp in your ear
No! No! It’s too soon, you had almost decided
To march right on up to the kids, uninvited
To tell them you’re ready and willing to play and if they don’t want you then you’d simply say
Fuck off … I’m smarter than you anyway
Oh, no that’s not it, you decided to try
The road travelled less than the good old stand by
Of defensive and prickly walls meant to shroud
Your feelings and ego, why are we so proud?
Surely some out there are mean, dumb, or vain
But mostly it’s clear they all suffer in pain
Fear of rejection and lack of strong will
Confusion, frustration, and yet even still
Basically good and caring at heart
Maybe your actions will trigger the start
Of kinder behavior and empathy here
Banishing bullies and conquering fear
With wisdom and kindness a great man once led
A revolution of nonviolence & notably said
A bevy of thoughtful and powerful things
Profound and sagacious and lifting like wings
The spirits of people and kindness unfurled
when he said be the change you would see in the world


2 thoughts on “For CFrantastic

  1. dania.nawaz says:

    Awww, this is so touching! Your daughter is very lucky to have such a wonderful, loving and caring Mommy! Bullying in schools is such a serious issue, all the very best with everything!

    • Sincerest thanks, you know we ‘mommies’ always question our competency and sometimes it’s an uphill battle. She liked it, I sent her a link this morning, she’s sick today. Poor lamb, I hope it brightened her day. Always enjoy your blog btw … Thanks for reading mine!

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